Established in 1980, VERO VERIA CORPORATION has manufactured, supplied, and constructed raised floor system in Clean Room and Semi-conductor factories since 1988. Our company manufacturing various products: Aluminum raised floor, Ceiling grid, Office partition, and Vibration restraint foundation.

VERO can satisfy you with various products related to cleaning room construction. Besides, recently we extend our product line to household decoration.

VERO is a manufacturer, supplier, and constructer of cleaning room system of all Semi-conductor industry. We employ the latest technology to develop the most advanced material system.

Our Capabilities

  For manufacturing VERO has supplied more than 5000 raised floor construction projects. Or plant is able to produces up to 3000pcs of raised floors per day.

Since 1988, VERO has worked on building IC cleaning room and progressively improving quality of manufacture and construction. Not only steady quality, but thorough service, VERO works closely with clients with architect contractors


Our Vision

The products we manufacture are closely related. Since establishment, we always take “Innovation for Eternal Performance” as our motivation. With the breakthrough of technology, we expect to raise the bar of raised floor industry. In future, we will carry on innovation and being competitive in the semiconductor & cleanrooms around the world.